GULF CONTRACTORS Co. LLC (GCC) was established in 1988 and is now one of the leading General Contracting Companies in UAE. Complementing the solid business background, vast local construction knowledge and rich foreign experience are giving GCC deep and diversified roots, with the resources and ability to undertake large construction projects. The partners of GCC wanted to further the company’s expansion and development in Abu Dhabi and other emirates, in response to the call for the private sector to contribute to the infrastructure of the country. Consequently GCC is to-date recognized as competitive, dedicated and responsible contractor.

Furthermore, in line with the policies recommended by the higher authorities and senior management, GCC has implemented a Quality Assurance program based on ISO 9001- 2000 standards, which resulted in certification in mid 2001. Our Quality Management System is certified for: “Provision of Civil, Electromechanical and Sewerage contracting Services.”


GCC is active in the following fields:

Irrigation, Agriculture & Landscape.
Civil Engineering. 
Building Construction. 
Pipelines (water, storm water, irrigation,
sewerage, and drainage).
Industrial Construction.
Marine Construction.
Electrical Installations.
Mechanical Installations.
Instrumentation Installations. 


GCC Conducting Safety Training For Heat Stress more...
AL Rawda Palace
Landscape and Irrigation System of Al Rawda Palace Entrance (New Gate)
AL Rawda Palace
Landscape and Irrigation System of Al Rawda Palace Entrance (New Gate)
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